August member of the Month is Gerry Christiansen!

Jerry, oops I mean Gerry ;p is our August member of the month!  Thank you for your hard work, tenacity and being a valued member of our community Gerry!

 A brief history at Amplified Fitness.  Tell us how you got started and your experience.


At the beginning of every year, I make the resolution to get in shape. A friend of mine, who I noticed had lost a lot of weight, told me what he was doing and so I made the call to Thomas. Fortunately I lined up a visit to the gym to try it out.  I had planned to visit a few other gyms as well, but after the first workout, I was so impressed with the environment and instruction, that I ended up signing up right after the workout.

The success and struggles you have been through at Amplified Fitness.

The beginning was really tough. When I started I was in really poor physical condition. I’d really thought I was too far gone to get in good shape, but knew I needed to do something. Many of the workouts I couldn’t complete as outlined. Most of the time I didn’t know if I could complete the workout, but I pushed through. I learned early that I just needed to focus on making personal progress and not compare myself to those that were doing better. I was pleasantly surprised how encouraging everyone was and felt a sense of team. I’ve since learned that is just part of the Amplified culture. Everyone is in it together and wants to see each other succeed. It’s pretty damn cool!

Because I stuck with the program and focused on getting better, one workout at a time, I’ve made solid progress. I still have a long way to go to reach the goals I have for myself, but I know as long as keep following the program I’ll will achieve them. All the doubt and limits I’ve had in the past are gone. It’s really nice to have a more positive outlook about myself and future.

How often do you attend sessions at Amplified Fitness?

My goal is at least 5 days a week. Sometimes my schedule and other responsibilities I have keep me from hitting the mark, but most weeks I hit it.

Favorite movement(s)? 

 Deadlift and KB Swings.

Least favorite movement?

In the beginning, burpees. Now it’s t2b.

Current goals? 

1. Get body fat under 20% by end of 2015, long term get it to 10-12%

2. Hike to the top of Lone Peak by end of September.

3. By the end of 2015, I’d like to reach the following lifting milestones:

    – Bench: 280  (Current: 235)

    – Back Squat: 350 (Current: 295)

    – Front Squat: 275  (Current: 235)

    – Dead Lift: 375 (Current: 360)

    – Clean: 225 (Current: 165)

4. By the end of 2015, my goal is to meet or exceed the following cardio/endurance milestones:

    – Break an 9 minute mile

    – 2k Row to sub 7:30 (Current: 9:14)

    – Level 12 on beep test


 Anything else you want to share about yourself: what you do for fun, what you do for work?

The best part of my life, without question, is being a dad to my little girl, Ali. I work as a Database Engineer for  In my spare time I love to be in the mountains. One of the things that has been great about getting in better shape is I’ve been able to enjoy several hikes this summer.

-Why you keep coming back for more?

Easy. I love the results I’m getting. Not just physically, but mentally. The mental strength I’m gaining is translating into several other areas of my life. I’m happier and have so much more energy. I don’t want that to end, so I do whatever I can to make it every day. If I end up missing a day, I feel it.

What do you like most about Amplified Fitness?

 There are so many things. To narrow it down to one thing, I’d have to say it’s the people. It has helped me so much to be around a group of like minded people who encourage me to get better. Also, I love that the workouts have so much variety. Even though we are in a group environment, I still get a lot of personal coaching. I also love that there are several workout times each day, allowing me to adapt my workouts to my busy life.

What Would You Tell Someone That Was Considering Joining Amplified Fitness?

Join! It is the best decision you could make. At first I wondered if the price would be worth a gym membership. After all, you can join a regular gym for much less. I now realize I’m getting a bargain. For everything you get it is easily a much, much better value! At Amplified I get a personalized diet plan, customized workouts, a trainer that coaches me daily, demonstrating proper form and technique.