February Member of the Month-Heather Klingler!

February’s member of the month is Heather Klingler!


Congratulations on being chosen as member of the month! This means a coach has spotlighted because they’ve notice your incredible work ethic and value to you bring to our community.

 Which charity have you chosen for Amplified Angels this month and why?

 American Diabetes Association.

I know a number of people affected by diabetes, Type 2 or Type 1.  There is no cure for diabetes and this disease SUCKS!

 A brief history at Amplified Fitness.  Tell us how you got started and your experience.

Ken, my husband, had been coming to Amplified for 6-months.  He wanted me to join.  We made a bet.  If I would come for 3-months, he would keep his side of the dresser clean for the rest of our lives.  2.5 years later… PLEASE, PLEASE ask him how clean his side of the dresser is!

The success and struggles you have been through at Amplified Fitness?

When I started Amplified I had three goals: improve posture, complete a normal pushup, and strengthen my left arm.

“Cleans” were a struggle for me for the first 2 years.  It is a hard movement to get down.  I don’t think my movement is perfect and I have a ways to go, but I have improved a lot! 135lbs was my last PR!

How often do you attend sessions at Amplified Fitness?

Monday – Friday

 Favorite movement(s)?

Cardio 🙂 ASSBIKE, C2, and back squat.

Least favorite movement? Least favorite workout?

Anything I have to scale: pushups, pullups, dips, toes to bar, rope climb, muscle ups, DUBS, etc.

Current goals?

My current goals are to bench my body weight, reach the 660lb club, and do DUBS consistently.

 Anything else you want to share about yourself: what you do for fun, what you do for work?

I am a Mom and the CEO, COO, maid, cook, handyperson, landscaper of the Klingler household (Ken is the CFO).  I volunteer a lot at my kids school.  I coach volleyball and basketball to young kids.  I love seeing kids learn and grow.  I enjoy reading, historical fiction is my favorite.  I love the beach, camping and hiking with my family and friends.  I love food, especially when someone else cooks it and cleans it up!

-What keeps you keep coming back for more?

I am addicted to exercising.  If I don’t exercise, I can’t sleep, I get anxious, and I am not a nice person! Most importantly, I want to be healthy and be a good example to my children.

What do you like most about Amplified Fitness?

I love my Amplified Family!  I have more in common with my Amplified Family than I do with my friends!

If you had to would you rather do 5 wall balls every time you left your house or 300 burpees every time you sneezed?

5-wall balls!  Have you seen me do burpees? 

What Would You Tell Someone That Was Considering Joining Amplified Fitness but feels nervous about joining?

It’s okay to be nervous.  We have all been there.  Let that nervousness carry you through your first day, week, and month as momentum!  But stick with it and you will be so glad you did!