Youth Programs

  • Are you between the ages of 9 and 17 or a Parent of one?
  • Do you find your School Programs to be too general and not specific to your needs?
  • Do you want to participate in Sports?
  • Are you planning to apply for an athletic scholarship for college?
  • Do you dislike going to your neighborhood gym and don’t like crowds?

Amplified Fitness works with youth of all age groups both individually and in group settings. We are your choice for Youth Training! We work with youth during the school year and have specific summer programs and during the breaks designed around your child’s needs.  Amplified Fitness’s goal is to help your child make sustained long-term changes in their lifestyle to a healthy, fit, and productive future!

Our Youth Fitness Training programs are geared towards achieving the following specific goals:

  1. Exercise Motivation
  2. Nutrition and Obesity Reduction
  3. Sports Training and Preparation
  4. Speed
  5. Strength
  6. Agility and mobility
  7. Reaction and coordination
  8. Core Strength
  9. Plyometrics
  10. Injury Prevention