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Amplified Anywhere

The Amplified Anywhere Program is for those who may have had to busy of a day to make it to the gym, like to workout at home or are traveling.  These workouts can be done with extremely limited equipment (Dumbbells and a band) in very little space, and in a short time if necessary.  Amplified Anywhere provides workouts for all Fitness levels.  You will also have direct access to an Amplified Coach to answer any questions or provide any modifications you may need for the daily workout.

To find the Amplified Anywhere workouts go to the wodify App>Program>Amplified anywhere

Saturday class wars


No bonus spirit or physical points today.

The competition will be held at iron ground in Murray UT.

4894 South Commerce Dr. Suite A
Murray, Utah
The competition goes from 9am-5pm.  Stay as long or as little as you would like.
All pictures must be submitted by Sunday at noon.  The winning class will be announced Monday night!
Competition itinerary-This is a guess.  Powerlifting meets are like baseball its hard to predict when each phase will start.

Friday Class Wars


Humane Society donation wish list-

All points must be submitted by Saturday at noon.  Late submissions will be forfeit.

Tuesday Class wars

Non scale victory, often abbreviated NSV means a positive impact of training that is non involved with the scale.

All points must be submitted to by Wednesday at noon.  Late submissions will be forfeit.

6/17 Class wars


The team spirit photo will be posted on

All photo submissions and tags must be completed by Tuesday at noon.  Late submissions will be forfeit.  Email pics to  Don’t forget to list what class you’re apart of so the points are credited to the proper team.