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Bring a friend day is this Saturday!

Bring a friend day is this Saturday Oct 27th.  We will have a second coach on staff to ensure they are getting an effective and safe workout.  This is a free session!  Those that bring a friend will need to show up at 8:45am to fill out the waiver.  Those that show up late will be politely dismissed for the safety of themselves and the respect of starting the session on time.  See you and your friend this Saturday!

October member(s) of the month-Mario Reeve!

Congratulations Mario on being chosen as member of the month! This means a coach has spotlighted because they’ve notice your incredible work ethic and value to you bring to our community.


A brief history at Amplified Fitness.  Tell us how you got started and your experience.

— My daughter Noelle joined the Fitness Challenge last January. I could see that through Amplified she was stronger physically, emotionally, and mentally. Her confidence levels and self-esteem were the highest I’ve ever seen… when I was looking for an improvement in my own physical well-being, I looked towards Amplified and took the Challenge!


The success and struggles you have been through at Amplified Fitness?

— I’ve seen my weight and body fat numbers improve better than I could have imagined. At 57 years old, I believe I am at the best shape of my life, simply because your pillars (fitness, nutrition and support) work. No struggles… I was “coached” that I will only get what I put in. So the struggles are really stepping stones to my success.


How often do you attend sessions at Amplified Fitness? —

I attend no less than 5 days a week and try to squeeze in a Savage Saturday in when I want to really test my limits. But, I do increase my activities, even outside of Amplified in order to meet my goals.


Favorite movement(s)?

Making new Amplified friends… and then watching as those friendships flourish because of similar goals. Also… seeing other’s progress!

Least favorite movement? Least favorite workout? Least favorite moment…

Hmmm, I guess when the protein shakes hit 🙂 Least favorite workout? What else… burpees 🙂


Current goals?

Maintain weight, yet recompose fat weight to muscle weight.


 Anything else you want to share about yourself: what you do for fun, what you do for work?


Married for 26 wonderful years, with three amazing kids. Lately, we’ve been travelling A LOT. Italy, Hawaii, England, Paris, tons of states… love it! 28-year member of the United States Air Force, set to “retire” next year (which simply means transition to a new career)


-What keeps you keep coming back for more?

The people. The culture. The support. The coaches. The burpees.


What do you like most about Amplified Fitness?

Exactly as Thomas said from day one: it’s a family.

Which charity have your chosen for Amplified Fitness to donate to?

Primary children’s Hospital.

Would you rather do 500 burpees in a chewbacca costume or drag a 100lb sled 10 miles?

I’ll take the sled. I figure I lost 25 pounds, so it’s really ony a 75 pound sled.


What Would You Tell Someone That Was Considering Joining Amplified Fitness?

It’s an investment in yourself… much more than a gym, but rather a true tribe in which you can find success if you apply yourself.

Thursday Class Wars!

KSL Link-

*Reminder all bonus points must be submitted by noon the following day.

Friday Sneak peak!  I’m releasing Fridays Spirit points early so you can plan it among yourselves.

*What constitutes a matching outfit to qualify for points is a matching top and one other matching item of clothing.

Tuesday Class wars!

                                                               ** 1 sled per class

                              **You must screenshot and email your review to before noon on Wednesday to receive the bonus points.



Some questions I’ve been getting on class wars.

What if our class is smaller, is there some type of handi cap? 

No.  You’re gonna have to make up for it in earning as many of the points as you can, especially in the bonus points.

What about the classes that are only 3-4 days/ a week like 5:15pm and 7:15pm?

Good question! Those class times can still earn the bonus points everyday.

For 5:15pm, whatever your score is on your spirit and team points for Monday We will add them to Tuesday.  Whatever your spirit points and team challenge points are for Wednesday we will add to Thursday.

For 7:15pm whatever your Spirit and team challenge points were for Thursday we will add them to Friday.


CLASS WARS-Monday September 17th

Who can participate: Any member or challenger

Cost: Free.

I will be paying for the winners and the coach to have a group night out at Huhot Mongolian Grill and most importantly Bragging rights!

Objective: Earn points through various tasks of Spirit, team challenge, and bonus points

Teams-The class session you most attend.

Challenges will be released one day at a time, the time day prior.

All bonus points must be submitted by noon the following day to



Spirit Points-Team Color out day!


6:15am Red

9:00am purple

5:15pm Yellow

6:15pm Orange

7:15pm Green

Every person that is wearing the team color earns a point for their team.

Team challenge points-How many people can get 20 burpees in one minute. Every person that gets 20 in a minute earns 1 point for their team.


Tag yourself in the Spirit photo of the day. The photo will be posted on Every person tagged=2 points.

No need to email the bonus points to Jami today. We will simply check the tags on Tuesday at noon and tally up the bonus points.

September member of the Month(s)-Jeannie Moreno

Congratulation Jeannie for being chosen as member of the month.  This means a coach has spotlighted your excellent work ethic and the value you bring to our community.

A brief history at Amplified Fitness.

Tell us how you got started and your experience.

Like a lot of the members I responded to the 6-week challenge from an Instagram ad. I had seen others for other gyms, but for some reason I just clicked the right ad on the right day. It turned out to be right around the corner from my place so it was perfect. I spent so much time in gyms over the years and even worked at one, but after gaining a lot of weight my first year here in UT, I just finally realized that I would really need the help of a strong gym family to get back on top of stuff.

My first day was rough! I wanted to go to a class to orient myself before my challenge began and…OH…MY…GOD, I was like “what did I get myself into?” But once I actually got started the people and the culture you guys have created just made every workout so worth it.

The success and struggles you have been through at Amplified Fitness?

Probably my biggest successes to date have been, I can actually do a real burpee again (just the one though, don’t get crazy) and not dying after Stacy’s Mom (even though I did the novice version). Seeing improvement over the weeks in what I can do and how much I can get done in one workout has been such a great feeling.

The biggest struggle I had in the beginning aside from the obvious physical challenges was tracking the workouts. My goodness, I had the HARDEST time. Nutrition was a struggle and I know a lot of people said that it would be, but I was surprised that I never struggled with what I was eating, but rather how much of it. One of the worst weeks I had in terms of progress was when I had a really crazy week at work and I skipped meals just based on time and portions. Once coach Jami adjusted my meal plan, I felt better and I had no more issues there!

How often do you attend sessions at Amplified Fitness?

My job is pretty demanding so my goal during the challenge was to make it the 3 sessions per week. When I was able to I did 4 sessions.

Favorite movement(s)?

Squats (any kind) and KB swings.

Least favorite movement? Least favorite workout?

The assault bike and burpees.

Current goals?

My main goal is to continue to feel better, healthier and comfortable. Being heavy is very uncomfortable and even worse when you’re not active. My short term goal is to get back under 200lbs. Long term is to get to the point where I’m not longer at risk for health issues and I feel good about myself.

 Anything else you want to share about yourself: what you do for fun, what you do for work?

I am Director of Operations for a software startup. I uprooted myself and moved here from California to focus on me and my future. I have a lot of wonderful people that love me back home, but I had a tendency to put their needs before mine for a long time. When the opportunity to do something for ME and for growth presented itself I took it and I feel like I did that again by joining the Amplified fam!

-What keeps you keep coming back for more?

The people!!!! This includes the amazing coaches of course.

What do you like most about Amplified Fitness?

There is this unspoken “pay it forward” attitude that everyone there has. We’re not told that we’re required to support each other, to push each other or even help one another, but EVERYONE DOES!  Knowing how hard my first day and first week was, if I encounter someone new and they have that same look on their face that I’m sure I had, I always offer my help. And that’s because someone always helped me.

What donation have you chosen for Amplified Fitness to donate towards?

The wounded Warrior Project.

Would you rather do 500 burpees in a chewbacca costume or drag a 100lb sled 10 miles?

Oh the sled, 100%. LOL

What Would You Tell Someone That Was Considering Joining Amplified Fitness?

You won’t regret it!!!!

September Member of the Month-Sean Hancock

September’s Member(s) of the Month is Sean Hancock!  Congratulation Sean this means a coach has noticed your incredible work ethic and support you bring to the Amplified Family.

Tell us how you got started and your experience.

 I joke about it sometimes(but its kinda true)It was Jan 1st. I was sitting on my couch with a bag of doritos and a cocktail in my hand. I had seen the challenge months before and started to sign up and decided to not.(probably out of fear). I received a text from Thomas that evening saying he was starting another 6 week challenge, I had no intention on responding. As I looked around and at myself, I said is this how/who you want to be? Absolutely not! I had always been into fitness and let my situation get the better of me. I wanted to be healthy and happy again. So I committed to the challenge that day and I never looked back! It has been the best experience to get to know all the amazing coaches and members, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Sean’s results in his first 6 week at Amplified!!

The success and struggles you have been through at Amplified Fitness?

 My favorite day was when I got to hit that RX button for the first time! I had finally made progress. I struggled with having to modify workouts, I was always the athletic one and now I can’t even do the prescribed workout. But I stuck with it, I trusted the process, I believed In the coaches. I knew I would get there if I just kept showing up and giving everything I had, I left every workout feeling accomplished, even if I had to modify.

How often do you attend sessions at Amplified Fitness?

 I Make it a point to go 5 days a week minimum. I love the Saturday workouts so I attended them if I’m not working. I love them for the team aspect, and how it pushes you to do more, but you also get to see more of the members that you don’t get to see all the time. I actually get a little upset when I have to miss a Saturday, haha.

Favorite movement(s)?

 My favorite movement, Gosh…do I have to pick one… lol. I like it all…except one… I like the feeling of knowing you are making progress, so I enjoy them all, but if I have to pick one then I guess I would say bench.

*Sean and Coach Jami


Least favorite movement? Least favorite workout?

 Hands down FRONT SQUATS!!! Hate em. But I still show up. Least favorite workout is a tie between Stacy’s Mom and King Leonidas, but again I’ll still show up if we are doing one of them.

Current goals?

 Staying happy and healthy.

Being the best dad I can be to the best daughter in the world.

Do something I have never done, run races, do a spartan…

Climb Mt. Olympus (I know i missed out on this one with the gym fam) but I am still determined to do it.


Do more traveling

Read at least 1 book a month.


*Sean at the 2018 Utah Spartan super

 Anything else you want to share about yourself: what you do for fun, what you do for work?

Hanging out with my daughter. Going to Amplified😉 I like working on vehicles, I’m no expert, but I know my way around a vehicle. I like heading out to Moab to do some off roading. I like hiking, biking, camping(even though my bike is broken right now). Basically anything outside.

I work as a Manager at Costco. Its not a glorious job, but it takes care of my needs.

-What keeps you keep coming back for more?

 The people, the atmosphere. The friendships made. And a good challenge every day.

What do you like most about Amplified Fitness?


Would you rather do 500 burpees in a chewbacca costume or drag a 100lb sled 10 miles?

 Wow, umm….I think I would pick the sled drag.(on a tarless road) haha.

Which charity have you chosen for Amplified Fitness to donate to?

I would like the donation to go to Npcf(National pancreatic cancer foundation). I know it may be insignificant to some , but it makes a huge impact for me. I lost 2 grandparents to this. Thank you soooo much.

What Would You Tell Someone That Was Considering Joining Amplified Fitness?

Just do it! There is such a great support system here and everyone wants to see you succeed. It will be the best experience you will ever have at any fitness facility.

How to live an Amplified Life

💥💥How to live an Amplified Life. 💥💥

Have you ever pondered why being in shape is important to you? Is it simply to lift more weights in the gym, to see a lower number on the scale, to have a faster mile time?

While seeing our physical improvements is fun, if that’s all being in shape to you is than we believe your are missing the big picture.


We believe being healthy and fit is important because it means you will live a higher quality of life both inside and outside the gym. Our ultimate goal is the long term. We want you going into your career, your Tuesday night basketball league, playing with your kids, and life full of energy. We don’t want you to fear going on a 5 mile hike with your grandchildren when you’re 65 and we want you living independently when you’re 85.

#1 Follow the Amplified Training philosophy 3x/week.
Get in the gym at least 3x/week and train functional movements. Push, Pull, squat, press, jump, run. Find a community of like minded individuals to keep training fun, intense and motivating.

#2 Eat Healthy(90% of the time)
Nutrition differs from person to person and this is where your coach will help you dial in your nutrition. 90% of your nutrition should be natural unprocessed foods. However, there is nothing wrong with working in small indulgences. Its simply ok to have that piece of cake from time to time.

#3 Use your fitness outside the gym.
Your newfound fitness from following the Amplified Philosophy is going to make sports and nature fun again! Get out in nature and play sports 2x/week. Don’t be afraid to try new things, whether it be golf, surfing, tennis, volleyball, hiking, obstacle course, mountain biking etc…..

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Spikeball!! What a blast. This is my new favorite sport.

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#4 Conquer a new challenge at least once a year.
While challenges are different for everybody the key here is to challenge yourself to new things. Sign up for the lifting competition, take that speaking class, sign up for your first triathlon, whatever a new challenge is to you….

*Photo Team Amplified on the Podium at the Black ridge Triathlon. (This was all our first Tri!) *

*Photo Team Amplified at the APF winter Classic Powerlifting Competition.

*Photo: Team Amplified at the Purple Day 5k for Epilepsy Awareness.

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