The weekend Binger

If you’re hoping I tell you to stop having fun on the weekends I’ve got some disappointing news for you.

I love my weekends. I work hard and I play hard. I go to parties, concerts, festivals, spend time with family, occasionally Imbibe, enjoy my hobbies and go out to eat. What I do not do is lose my self discipline over the weekend and undo all my hard work.  Below I will be cover 6 key points to a successful weekend.

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#1 Who you surround yourself with.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”-Jim Rohn

You become who you surround yourself with. Sometimes we outgrow friends in life, or our lifestyles are no longer congruent with those who we spend our time with. Make friends and surround yourself with those who have a similar vision and goals on life as you do.

Ask yourself.

*What kind of person do I want to be?

*Are the people with who you spend the most time with congruent with who you want to be?

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#2 Prepare.

“If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail.”

Have a game plan for your weekends. Just as you do for you weekdays, except the weekend has more freedom! Its up to you how you use this freedom.

Reprogram your subconscious mind for success. Every Thursday night(or every night) before going to bed visualize what you want your weekend to look like.  Be specific and your subconscious will help you get there faster.

You’ve sold yourself on showing up to work Mon-Fri, now you’ve gotta sell yourself on eating healthy and being active. You’ve lost the accountability and schedule of a work day, so this has to be your idea, and you have to mean it! You will find your weekends a lot more enjoyable and full-filling when you have a game plan and you will have a lot more energy if you eat healthy and plan your meals as well.

Check out for lots of great and easy recipe ideas!


*Do you struggle with meal prep or would you simply like to buy your time and have someone do it for you? Great, Amplified fitness has got your back.

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 #3 Alcohol

This could be an entire blog post on its own. Good thing I’ve already written one.

 #4 Social events

Here’s a little tip for you. Eat your healthy planned meal before leaving. (Remember you plan your weekends now.) Socializing doesn’t have to be about eating. This way you won’t be going to the party wanting to stuff your face, or you can order a very modest portion if you are going to a restaurant.  I often drink a protein shake before going to a restaurant to avoid arriving hungry, otherwise, game over.  Bring on the unlimited basket chips and butter rolls!

That bowl of chips and dip laid out on the counter won’t be teasing you all night and you won’t be having a mental tug-a-war if you leave not feeling hungry. “But what about all the people that offer me drinks and food?” The cool thing about nutrition is you are in control. If you want to accept, accept. If you don’t want to then don’t. You are not a people pleaser. You are a focused individual, that is relentless about their goals and dreams! If someone gets upset for you not accepting their food then they have their own issues to deal with.   Don’t live by other people’s values. Set your own values and expectations of your life and meet them.


 #5 Do you work out?

Working out, not just for the weekdays. If you struggle with bad habits on the weekends then you need to start working out on the weekends.  I know it helps me knowing I have a workout at 9:00A.M Saturday morning to help me stay focused and prevent me from drinking too much alcohol or eating too much crappy food. You will learn that the hard way if you show up to workout after a crappy night of eating and/or drinking.

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#6 Don’t deprive/under-eat during the weekdays.

This one could an entire blog post itself so I won’t go into too much detail here.(new content idea!).

You should be training to fuel your body, not deprive it. Eat enough calories and small indulgences so by the time the weekend comes you are not mentally vulnerable and ready to ravage and entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s. If you’re finding yourself super disciplined during the weekdays then feeling very vulnerable during the weekends that is a sign you are under eating and depriving yourself.

*Our coaches can get you on a done for you meal plan specific to your body and goals.

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