10 Rookie moves not to make in your Fitness training Part #1

#1 You wing it.

Have a plan and intention to better yourself every time you step in the gym.  Have a designed and thought out plan to execute with focus.  Do not randomly bounce around the gym.  That’s a great way to waste time and ultimately frustrate yourself with a lack or progress.  Get in there, execute the plan you have pre-planned and get out.

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#2 You train hard in the gym but blow it with nutrition.

An unfortunate lesson many novices have to learn the hard way.  You cannot and will not out train a poor nutrition program.  The experienced trainee plans their food because they value their time and know how much faster progress comes when they treat their nutrition as an imperative part of their program.  The rookie thinks he can get away without planning his food.

If you struggle with nutrition is it because you are an emotional eater or a convenience eater?  If you are an emotional eater then I recommend find a qualified medical medical professional to counsel you, don’t be afraid to ask for help, just maker sure you are getting qualified help.

If you are a connivance eater, which is very common in today’s society then learning how to efficiently meal prep and cook recopes is your duty and obligation to achieve success.  For those that like to buy back their time or simply need a helpful boost our meal prep company is an incredible option.  Check out our nutrition coaching and meal prep services here.  www.amplifiedfitness.net/nutrition

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#3 You’re scared of the weights and stick to the machines.

If you want a toned, firm and defined physique free weights(barbells and dumbbells) are the best way to get there.  Machines, are fine.  However, they pale in comparison to a solid progressive free weights program.  Remember, don’t wing it.  Journal your training and have a program to follow.

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#4 You train to failure on everything.

Slow down their turbo.  Training to failure is a valuable tool but not on every set of every session.  I’ve noticed over the years some people have the mentality that every set has to be an absolute grinder, or if I prescribe a set that leaves some reps in the tank they bastardize the program by adding more reps.  Here’s an example of a progressive percentage load we use for deadlifts with our Beginner and intermediate level clients.

Week 1 is going to feel easy, week 3 is going to be medium, week 5 is going to be hard and weeks 7-11 are going to serve you some humble pie.  At the end of this program you will have added a tremendous amount of strength, however, only 3 sets were taken to failure.

Week 1: Deadlift: 65%x5, 75%x5, 85%x5, 75%x5, 65%x5

Week 3: Deadlift: 70%x5, 80%x5, 90%x5, 80%x5, 70%x5

Week 5: Deadlift: 75%x5, 85%x5, 95%x5, 85%x5, 75%x5

Week 7: Deadlift: 60%x5, 70%x5, 80%x5, 90%,x5 100%x5+

Week 9: Deadlift: 60%x3 70%x 80%x3 90%x3 95%x3, 105%x3+

Week 11: Deadlift: 65%x3 75%x3 85%x1 95%x1 105%x1 Keep making 5-10% Jumps till you hit a new max.

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#5  You’re a roller coaster.

Sally is motivated.  Sally is serious this time.  Sally is back to clean eating.  Sally is working out 7x/week and on a mission!  Sally does this consistently for a month.  Sally slacks off for a month.  Sally Repeats this for _____ years and kinda, sorta, but not really, makes some progress.

Does Sally sound like someone you know?

Getting in shape starts in your head. It doesn’t start in the gym, it doesn’t start with lifting weights or riding your bike.

Learn how to fall in love with the journey and have your reason why so strongly instilled in you that living an active lifestyle is part of who you are. Once that mental shift is made is where success and habits happen. You will start to view exercise as a blessing, not a chore.

Here are some key tips for creating fitness into a lifestyle and learning how to love training, rather than a short burst of motivation that dwindles after 3 months.

*Know your why.

Really take some time and think about this. We’re getting pretty deep here. When your why is strong enough you will find your how.

*Set goals

Long term and short term. Don’t just write these down and hope, create action steps. Set specific, realistic, and measurable goals.

*Have a reward system. aka treat yo’ self 😉

Give yourself tangible and intangible rewards to look forward to as you accomplish each goal.

For example an tangible reward is something you can posses, like a pair of new shoes!  Intangible would be something like a Massage or Manicure.

*Have accountability and a support system.

You’re a badass, you’re strong willed, but you’re also human. Don’t try and do this alone. You are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. Have solid gym buddies and/or coach

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