6 rules of training at Amplified Fitness


6 rules of training at Amplified Fitness.

Congratulations you’ve joined the Amplified Family. A gym that doesn’t sell memberships and has a team committed to your success. Before you strap on those new training shoes and take your first dive at the chalk bowl lets lay out some ground rules.


#1 Believe in yourself.

Its obvious you’ve got out of your comfort zone by joining Amplified, awesome! Now stick with it. I’ve seen too many people fail by creating imaginary and self defeating thoughts. No one thinks you’re an embarrassment or is laughing at you. In fact you have an entire community that has your back and is rooting for you to succeed. You’ve gotta believe in yourself first. Don’t let your anxiety demons and imaginary thoughts win. This isn’t a globo gym. Its for real this time.

success is my duty


#2 Open up, make friends, build relationships.

You are in a community now.  A pertinent part of getting in shape and staying in shape is your support system.  At Amplified the culture is like family. People are going to try and make friends with you. Embrace it, learn everyone’s name. They may be pulling you off the floor one day after a tough workout.



#3 Help the new comers

Gyms are intimidating to the outsider. Especially gyms that are laid out to actually get a good workout in, rather than rows of cardio machines.  You’re a badass now, but remember what it was like walking through those doors knowing no ones name. Introduce yourself, and introduce them to others. Show them where the barbell collars are and that this crazy cannonball thing is called a kettlebell. We all started somewhere.

Iron sharpens iron 3

#4 Be on time.

This isn’t Zumba at your rec center. Punctuality is important to coaches and those with a clear vision on their goals.


#5 Train do not workout.

Training=You’re here for an intent and purpose. You have a plan to execute.

Workout=Random exercise and distraction.

self talk

#6 Be apart of the team!

Cheer on others! Show up to the events, the gyms 5k, lifting competitions, spartan races etc.. Congratulate everyone else’s success just as much as yours.



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