Tuesday Class wars!

                                                               ** 1 sled per class

                              **You must screenshot and email your review to Jami@amplifiedfitness.net before noon on Wednesday to receive the bonus points.



Some questions I’ve been getting on class wars.

What if our class is smaller, is there some type of handi cap? 

No.  You’re gonna have to make up for it in earning as many of the points as you can, especially in the bonus points.

What about the classes that are only 3-4 days/ a week like 5:15pm and 7:15pm?

Good question! Those class times can still earn the bonus points everyday.

For 5:15pm, whatever your score is on your spirit and team points for Monday We will add them to Tuesday.  Whatever your spirit points and team challenge points are for Wednesday we will add to Thursday.

For 7:15pm whatever your Spirit and team challenge points were for Thursday we will add them to Friday.