Cyber Monday

😝“The ridiculous, out of control, I can’t believe he’s doing that”, Cyber Monday deal.”😝 . Our biggest promotion of the entire year!
As I look back over the last many months with our Amplified Fitness Family I feel tremendous gratitude and pride.
For me, it’s like I have built in friends in the clients that I serve and that instills a great sense of pride as I see you all set the bar higher for yourselves than you ever thought possible.
When you leave the studio you stand straighter, your head is held high, you’re tired but leave with a sense of satisfaction and confidence that wasn’t there before. You might not even notice it, but we do.
And for that I want to say thanks, thanks for making time for yourself, thanks for trusting in me to help you with your fitness goals and journey.
To me, this is really is a dream come true.
So, because I’m so thankful for this opportunity to teach and train, I want to thank YOU with a special Cyber Monday Deal.
Let’s save you some $$$!
I decided to have a “ridiculous, out of control, I can’t believe he’s doing that”, Cyber Monday deal.
This sale will be closed Monday night at midnight or when we hit 5 people, whichever comes 1st. This will not be extended.
If you want this deal fill out the form here and a confirmation receipt will be sent as long as we have not hit the 5 spots. Thank you so much my Amplified Family, have a great rest of your weekend and I hope to see you at the Turkey burn workout!