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Who Doesn’t love shoes?!


June Member of the Month

June’s Member of the Month is Victor Vazquez!  Congratulations Victor and thank you for being a valued member of our community.



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In tomorrow’s AmplifiedFit Session

Bench Press

Level 1: 1×12 1×10 1×8 1×6 1×4

Level 2 work up to a 3 rep max w/chains then take 80% of 3rm 2×6-8

Choose DB row or Barbell row 3×8-12


Individual accessory block.

Choose 1 tricep accessory 3 sets

Choose Unilateral DB Press or plate raise 3×12-15

Choose 1 elbow flexor 3 sets-optional

Choose 1 abdominal 3 sets-optional

No conditioning, save your lungs for Wednesday 🙂