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Get Drunk not fat

Its that time of year where many of us enjoy to imbibe. In this video blog I will be going over intoxication efficiency tips while minimizing fat gain.

Don’t ruin your fitness with alcohol! Alcohol is fat sparing and caloric dense. Learn how to drink less calories while achieving your buzz.

Who Doesn’t love shoes?!


June Member of the Month

June’s Member of the Month is Victor Vazquez!  Congratulations Victor and thank you for being a valued member of our community.



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In tomorrow’s AmplifiedFit Session

Bench Press

Level 1: 1×12 1×10 1×8 1×6 1×4

Level 2 work up to a 3 rep max w/chains then take 80% of 3rm 2×6-8

Choose DB row or Barbell row 3×8-12


Individual accessory block.

Choose 1 tricep accessory 3 sets

Choose Unilateral DB Press or plate raise 3×12-15

Choose 1 elbow flexor 3 sets-optional

Choose 1 abdominal 3 sets-optional

No conditioning, save your lungs for Wednesday 🙂