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6 rules of training at Amplified Fitness


6 rules of training at Amplified Fitness.

Congratulations you’ve joined the Amplified Family. A gym that doesn’t sell memberships and has a team committed to your success. Before you strap on those new training shoes and take your first dive at the chalk bowl lets lay out some ground rules.


#1 Believe in yourself.

Its obvious you’ve got out of your comfort zone by joining Amplified, awesome! Now stick with it. I’ve seen too many people fail by creating imaginary and self defeating thoughts. No one thinks you’re an embarrassment or is laughing at you. In fact you have an entire community that has your back and is rooting for you to succeed. You’ve gotta believe in yourself first. Don’t let your anxiety demons and imaginary thoughts win. This isn’t a globo gym. Its for real this time.

success is my duty


#2 Open up, make friends, build relationships.

You are in a community now.  A pertinent part of getting in shape and staying in shape is your support system.  At Amplified the culture is like family. People are going to try and make friends with you. Embrace it, learn everyone’s name. They may be pulling you off the floor one day after a tough workout.



#3 Help the new comers

Gyms are intimidating to the outsider. Especially gyms that are laid out to actually get a good workout in, rather than rows of cardio machines.  You’re a badass now, but remember what it was like walking through those doors knowing no ones name. Introduce yourself, and introduce them to others. Show them where the barbell collars are and that this crazy cannonball thing is called a kettlebell. We all started somewhere.

Iron sharpens iron 3

#4 Be on time.

This isn’t Zumba at your rec center. Punctuality is important to coaches and those with a clear vision on their goals.


#5 Train do not workout.

Training=You’re here for an intent and purpose. You have a plan to execute.

Workout=Random exercise and distraction.

self talk

#6 Be apart of the team!

Cheer on others! Show up to the events, the gyms 5k, lifting competitions, spartan races etc.. Congratulate everyone else’s success just as much as yours.



Yes! I’m Ready to Lead a Healthier Life!
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February Member of the Month-Heather Klingler!

February’s member of the month is Heather Klingler!


Congratulations on being chosen as member of the month! This means a coach has spotlighted because they’ve notice your incredible work ethic and value to you bring to our community.

 Which charity have you chosen for Amplified Angels this month and why?

 American Diabetes Association.

I know a number of people affected by diabetes, Type 2 or Type 1.  There is no cure for diabetes and this disease SUCKS!

 A brief history at Amplified Fitness.  Tell us how you got started and your experience.

Ken, my husband, had been coming to Amplified for 6-months.  He wanted me to join.  We made a bet.  If I would come for 3-months, he would keep his side of the dresser clean for the rest of our lives.  2.5 years later… PLEASE, PLEASE ask him how clean his side of the dresser is!

The success and struggles you have been through at Amplified Fitness?

When I started Amplified I had three goals: improve posture, complete a normal pushup, and strengthen my left arm.

“Cleans” were a struggle for me for the first 2 years.  It is a hard movement to get down.  I don’t think my movement is perfect and I have a ways to go, but I have improved a lot! 135lbs was my last PR!

How often do you attend sessions at Amplified Fitness?

Monday – Friday

 Favorite movement(s)?

Cardio 🙂 ASSBIKE, C2, and back squat.

Least favorite movement? Least favorite workout?

Anything I have to scale: pushups, pullups, dips, toes to bar, rope climb, muscle ups, DUBS, etc.

Current goals?

My current goals are to bench my body weight, reach the 660lb club, and do DUBS consistently.

 Anything else you want to share about yourself: what you do for fun, what you do for work?

I am a Mom and the CEO, COO, maid, cook, handyperson, landscaper of the Klingler household (Ken is the CFO).  I volunteer a lot at my kids school.  I coach volleyball and basketball to young kids.  I love seeing kids learn and grow.  I enjoy reading, historical fiction is my favorite.  I love the beach, camping and hiking with my family and friends.  I love food, especially when someone else cooks it and cleans it up!

-What keeps you keep coming back for more?

I am addicted to exercising.  If I don’t exercise, I can’t sleep, I get anxious, and I am not a nice person! Most importantly, I want to be healthy and be a good example to my children.

What do you like most about Amplified Fitness?

I love my Amplified Family!  I have more in common with my Amplified Family than I do with my friends!

If you had to would you rather do 5 wall balls every time you left your house or 300 burpees every time you sneezed?

5-wall balls!  Have you seen me do burpees? 

What Would You Tell Someone That Was Considering Joining Amplified Fitness but feels nervous about joining?

It’s okay to be nervous.  We have all been there.  Let that nervousness carry you through your first day, week, and month as momentum!  But stick with it and you will be so glad you did!

Dec-Jan Highlight Reel

What an amazing couple Months!  It’s going to be hard to keep this short.

Jami hit her 3 month mark and lost 35lbs!

jami wof

Our Amplified Fitness member appreciation party was an absolute blast! (If you don’t come to our social events and parties you’re missing out!)


Please excuse my wheezing/laughing😆 O man I love my #gymfam I got such a kick out of this game.😂

A video posted by Thomas Grove (@thomasthetrainer123) on

Katie, Kasey, and Heather Competed in the December APF powerlifting Championships, all with solid performances.

Dec Pl meet

*Kasey won the Women’s overall Raw division! at the APF powerlifting championships!

kasey best lifter

*A December Review

Jeff review


*Amplified Fitness took care of Christmas for over 30 children.  Unfortunately we didn’t get a photo of all the presents.  Thank you so much to the Christmas box for putting together project elf.

christmas tree

Susan hit her three year mark at Amplified Fitness!  61 years old and still crushing it.

susan fb

*Have you been wanting to train at Amplified Fitness?  Check out our 6week challenge beginning Feb 13th!  www.amplifiedfitness.net/6weekchallenge

6 week challenge



Our January member of the Month is Cameron Tinao!  We are very blessed and grateful to have such a hard worker.  He is dropping fat and gaining muscle like crazy!  You can read his story here.

January Member of the Month


Cody hit his 5 year anniversary at the gym! This little beast has been raised in the gym 😀

cody fb

*A January Review

Mark review



Tips and Considerations for gym beginners.


#1 Take Action!

Nothing will ever be perfect.  Never will it be a perfect time to start.  Don’t be a gatherer of information only to think about it and do nothing.  The #1 tip for beginners is to get started.


#2 Mindset.


Success starts in your head.  You have to believe in yourself. The desire for change has to be greater than the want to stay the same. Ask yourself why change is important to you? Sure you may want to lose some fat and tone up, but why? To live longer? To age gracefully? To have more energy to put into your career? To see your grandkids grow-up? To attract the best partner in life? To be the best version of you? Find out what the deep motivating factor(s) is for you, believe in yourself and you are on the right path to achieving your fitness goals.


#3. Intensity levels.

estephanie row

Don’t be a wuss but you need to ease yourself into training especially the first 2-4/weeks, and especially if you’ve been sedentary for 5+ years. You may have a burst of motivation right now only to have it diminished by trying to do to much too soon. Don’t be a hero. I know this is hard, especially if we were in really good shape at one point. Jog before you sprint, maybe you need to do your pushups on your knees, maybe you need do bodyweight squats before you put a bar on your back. Save the heart bursting, lung burning, red line workouts once you’ve established a base.  On a scale of 1-10 via the rating of perceived exertion I recommend keeping yourself in the 5-7 range in your first two weeks of training and then 7-8 in weeks 3 and 4.


#4 Technique.

You’re a beginner, good! Which means you’ve developed very few bad habits in your technique. You’re a fresh ball of clay ready to be molded. I love when I have a fresh new trainee void of years of doing things incorrectly. Take this to your advantage as a beginner and learn to do things correctly.


#5 Think long term.


Fitness is a lifestyle not a short term endeavor. No one has developed a fitness lifestyle in a matter of weeks or months. The sooner that you can understand how to create a program for long term success and do the things that come along with that, such as proper nutrition, movement prep, and passive recovery, the more successful you will be.


To give you an example of proper programming here is one of many ways it can be setup. This way you see all the major muscles are being hit and allowed 48-72 hours of recovery. One workout does not significantly Hinder another.


Mon-Repetition effort Chest, triceps, deltoids

Tues-Strength lower body


Thurs-Strength-Horizontal and Vertical pulling Strength

Fri-Strength Horizontal and Vertical Pushing 

Sat-Endurance and/or mobility/Flexibility(We do Yin yoga at Amplified Fitness)


Yes! I’m Ready to Lead a Healthier Life!
Simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule your no obligation fitness consultation.

We respect your privacy. Your info will never be shared.

January Member of the Month

January’s 2017 member of the Month is Cameron Tinao!


Which charity have you chosen for Amplified Fitness to donate to and why?

American Brain Tumor Association, I was diagnosed with a brain Tumor early this year in March.

*Amplified Fitness member don’t forget to check-in and #amplifiedfitness for this Month’s Amplified Angels Project.


The success and struggles you have been through at Amplified Fitness?

The struggle is only beginning for me but with much help from the staff and members at amplified fitness, success is within reach for me.

How often do you attend sessions at Amplified Fitness?

I attend 6x/week!

Favorite movement(s)?

Anything Strength!

Least favorite movement? Least favorite workout?

Anything that has to do with burpees and the assault bike or rower.



Current goals?

Lose weight down to 175-170lbs, get shredded!

 Anything else you want to share about yourself: what you do for fun, what you do for work?

I like to play airsoft, football, video games, movies, and most of all like going to the gym( FYI never like to before, had the dream for it but never acted on it till now), I work for Coors Light and Rockstar.

-What keeps you keep coming back for more?

What keeps me coming back to amplified fitness is the support system that they have there. When i go there, i don’t feel an once of intimidation or self worthlessness. I say they have a support system second to none

What do you like most about Amplified Fitness?

Support system, and family atmosphere

Would you rather do 1 burpee every minute on the minute for 48 hours straight or drag a 100lb sled 15 miles?

3 cal on the assault bike for 48 hours straight

What Would You Tell Someone That Was Considering Joining Amplified Fitness?

I would definitely tell them to join amplified fitness.


*Have you or a friend been wanting to Join Amplified fitness?  Check out our 6 week challenge that begins Feb 13th at www.amplifiedfitness.net/6weekchallenge

20 rewards of exercise

1. You’ll reset your body: Exercise has been described as a giant reset button. A good workout will block appetite swings, improve your mood and even help you sleep.


2. Your clothes will fit better: Consistent exercise will tone and tighten your body, causing your clothes to not only fit better but to also look nicer. Also exercise ensures that soon you’ll be trading your clothes in for smaller sizes.

3. You’ll be less stressed: You have enough stress in your life—it’s time for a break. A good workout invigorates your muscles, leaving you relaxed and less stressed.

4. You’ll have more energy: WebMD tallied research studies and concluded that 90% of them prove exercise increases energy levels in sedentary patients. Next time you feel fatigued, fight it will the most powerful tool available: exercise.


5. You’ll be stronger: Exercise improves muscle strength and endurance, two things that you use throughout each day. When you exercise consistently you’ll be pleasantly surprised when difficult tasks begin to seem easy.

6. You’ll be less likely to binge: Exercise has a powerful anti-binge effect on the body. This is due in part by an increase in sensitivity to leptin, a protein hormone, which has an appetite-taming effect.

7. You’ll burn calories: You know that excess body fat is made up of stored and unused calories. Fight back by burning loads of calories with fat-blasting workouts.

You’ll be more confident: Who doesn’t wish they walked and talked with more confidence? A consistent exercise program will do just that. As your body becomes more fit, watch as your confidence sky-rockets.

8. You’ll have fun: Believe it or not, exercise can be extremely enjoyable. Remember how fun it was to run around as a child? Tap into your inner child as you find a mode of exercise that gets you excited.



9. You’ll reduce your blood pressure:Exercise has been proven more effective than medication in reducing blood pressure to normal levels. A single workout has been shown to reduce blood pressure for the day and regular exercise reduces overall blood pressure in the long run.

10. You’ll lose the jiggles: Regular exercise tightens flabby arms, legs and waistlines. So wave goodbye to the jiggles with a solid exercise program.

11. You’ll increase insulin sensitivity:Researchers at Laval University in Quebec discovered that exercise improved insulin sensitivity dramatically. Peak after-meal insulin levels dropped by more than 20 percent after as little as 3 weeks of consistent exercise.

12. You’ll sleep better: Do you toss and turn for hours before falling asleep? Exercise is a powerful sleep aid. Your tired muscles encourage your body to quickly fall asleep so they can get their overnight repair work done.



13. You’ll lower your risk of heart disease:Regular exercise strengthens your heart and makes it more resilient against disease. A sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for heart disease, so rest assured that consistent exercise is your ally against disease. 14. You’ll feel great: Vigorous exercise releases natural endorphins (happy hormones) into your blood stream that dissolve pain and anxiety. You’ve probably heard of ‘runner’s high’, this can be achieved by any great workout.

15. You’ll lower your risk of diabetes:Studies show that exercising as little as half an hour each day can dramatically reduce your risk of diabetes. If you are at risk of diabetes, or already have diabetes, regular exercise is the most effective treatment for reversing the disease.

16. You’ll meet cool people: You could benefit from a group of new, energetic friends, right? Gyms, bootcamps, workout centers and even the jogging trail are all great places to connect with fun new friends.


17. You’ll have better Sex:  Want to turn things up in the bedroom?  Getting fit is the best way.

18. You’ll increase your endurance: Do you ever get out of breath when walking up stairs or through the mall? Regular exercise builds your endurance for everyday activities.

19. Your doctor will be impressed: How many times has your doctor given you the lecture about losing weight and exercising more? Exercise regularly and get your MD off your back!

20. You’ll look amazing: Are you happy with the shape and size of your body? Regular exercise works wonders on your physique. Within a few weeks you’ll see shape and tone in all the right places.

Are you ready to alleviate your anxiety by taking action? Good!



Yes! I’m Ready to Lead a Healthier Life!
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November Member of the Month

November’s member of the month is Roger Alworth!

roger jump

Congratulations on being chosen as member of the month! This means a coach has spotlighted because they’ve notice your incredible work ethic and value to you bring to our community.


A brief history at Amplified Fitness tell us how you got started and your experience.

 A little over a year ago I was looking for some personal training to help me get in better shape. I had the desire but not the experience or knowledge to do it on my own. I simply searched online for trainers with great reviews and came across Amplified. I recently hit my one year mark and couldn’t be happier with my experience.


The success and struggles you have been through at Amplified Fitness?

 By the numbers, I’ve lost about 10 lbs of fat, my bench press has increased by 35 lbs, my dead lift has increased by 65 lbs and my squats have increased by 55 lbs. But more importantly, I feel great. I have much more energy, my clothes fit better, I’m more flexible and I’ve gain gained some physical confidence. My only real struggle with my progress is that I simply love to eat! But I’ve certainly learned about healthier eating habits and how to handle cravings more effectively.

roger pullup


How often do you attend sessions at Amplified Fitness?

I try to get to Amplified 5 days per week. The only days I typically miss are those days I need to travel for business. I literally look forward to every session. If I know I’m going to miss a session I try hard to work in a double session sometime that same week.
Favorite movement(s)?
I really enjoy all of the lifting sessions. I’ve learned a great deal at Amplified about proper technique and how to get the most out of each movement. I enjoy all the cardio workouts as well. It’s sweet to get my heart rate up to a high level before work and work up a nice sweat. It melts away stress and gets me energized for the day.
Least favorite workout?
I’d have to say my least favorite workouts are those that include the Assault Bike. But that’s really only because it’s a weak spot. That’s why I’m trying to aggressively bike at least 50 cals every day to build up my endurance. Hopefully weak things will become strong!
Current goals?
I’d like to lose about 7 more pounds and steadily increase my overall strength endurance and flexibility.
Anything else you want to share about yourself: what you do for fun, what you do for work?
I’m a structural engineer by profession. I love to be outdoors. I love fishing, hiking and playing the drums. But mostly, my life revolves around my wife, kids and granddaughter!
-What keeps you keep coming back for more?

Seeing real, steady progress with my fitness goals is something I love about Amplified Fitness. But without the fun, helpful, encouraging trainers and members, it would be much tougher to get there each day.
What do you like most about Amplified Fitness?

I really like the environment at Amplified. There isn’t any judging. There are members of all fitness levels and everyone simply encourages each other. But there’s also just the right amount of competition to motivate everyone to push themselves.
What was the first ever and last concert you’ve been to?

For my first concert, LONG AGO, I went to Brian Adams and Foreigner. Just recently I went to Rush and also Boston.

What Would You Tell Someone That Was Considering Joining Amplified Fitness?

If you want to be pushed to a new level of fitness while at the same time have a blast with wonderful trainers and members, come join the party!

October Member of the Month

Our October Member of the month is Mike Winegar!

Congratulations Mike we are blessed and fortunate to have you as part of the Amplified Family.

mike row
A brief history at Amplified Fitness.
Got started searching for a new structured gym experience. Reviews at Amplified made it look like a good option. Been loving it ever since I gave it a shot.
The success and struggles you have been through at Amplified Fitness?
I’ve really struggled with a persistent low back injury over the past 9 months or so. Through a lot of strengthening, stretching, and recovery exercises, I’m just about back at full strength.
I was also facing surgery to repair some ongoing foot pain I’ve experienced for years. This is no longer needed after all of the work and recovery I’ve put in at Amplified.
How often do you attend sessions at Amplified Fitness?
I’ve been going 5-6 times a week. The Sunday service is great too.
*Mike with Coach and Owner Thomas.
me and mike
Favorite movement(s)?
Deadlift is pretty awesome – just being able to lift a lot of weight straight off the ground. Anything with chains too is cool.
Least favorite movement? Least favorite workout?
Burpees, and any workout that includes burpees.
Current goals?
Trying to shed off a few more pounds of body fat, then I’m super excited to move into a bulk phase.
 Anything else you want to share about yourself: what you do for fun, what you do for work?
I’m a big fan of Legos and whiskey.
-What keeps you keep coming back for more?
Seeing progress and development is great. I’ve also made some great friends at Amplified that keep me motivated.
What do you like most about Amplified Fitness?
The structured programming is great, as well as the atmosphere and people.
Would you rather do 1 burpee box over every minute on the minute for 48 hours straight or Assault bike 20,0000 calories?
Definitely 20,000 calories on the ass bike. Burpess are the worst.
Which charity have you chosen for Amplified Fitness to donate to and why?
Doctors Without Borders (http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/) They’re a great nonprofit who help people with medical needs after disasters, and in general where medical access is generally unavailable.
 What Would You Tell Someone That Was Considering Joining Amplified Fitness?
There’s no day like today.